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Women and girls advancing nutrition dietetics and agriculture. 

Revolutionizing our health & culture of FOOD

through the power of WOMEN + GIRLS.

WANDA is building a movement of a million women and girls

of African descent to become food sheroes in their communities

through education, advocacy, and innovation by 2030.


With diabetes, renal disease, heart disease, and cancer outnumbering HIV, AIDS, and TB

in Africa and the Diaspora, it’s paramount for women and families to gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to co-create and lead healthy lives and a better food system from farm 

to health. Therefore, we reimagine the future where women and girls transform into

food sheroes to become healthy eaters, readers, and leaders. Ultimately, they become the catalyst for our families and communities by returning to our roots,

reclaiming our foodways, restoring our sisterhood and neigborhoods.

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WANDA educates, inspires, and empowers each of us to take action to improve our health, our life, our family, our community, and our world. WANDA shows us how to heal our bodies and help our communities with healthy foods. The world needs more WANDA women! They are essential for resilient and sustainable food systems, strong communities, and healthy families.


- Keegan Kautzky

  World Food Prize Foundation 


I am always so incredibly impressed with the work of WANDA. They have set a standard to not only empower but to walk alongside women Sheroes all around the world. They have given a voice to those that have been silenced for far too long and are genuinely making an impact. Their use of multimodal tools and technology for communication, collaboration, education, and dissemination set them apart. Thank you for bettering the world and helping to inspire the next generation of sheroes!

- Kofi Essel, MD, MPH, FAAP

   George Washington University

WANDA has been bringing Black women together to share stories of food, family, and nutrition, while raising awareness of critical issues from Black maternal health to food insecurity. This visionary program is also building a new generation of leaders through its fellowship program by ensuring Black women and girls have access to education on topics from farming and agriculture, to health and nutrition through mobile and social media platforms. This innovative approach to health advocacy shows the possibilities of community empowerment and sustainable programming.

- Jamila Robinson

  Philadelphia Tribune

WANDA is an organization that’s both ahead of the times and overdue. Women are largely responsible for preparing food around the world, and many girls and women are involved in agriculture. But women of color are often left out of critical pieces in the food chain that shape what we eat: policymaking, creating guidelines and narratives around nutrition, or shaping the markets. Women of color need to be leaders in these arenas, too, if the world is going to create a future where everyone can be fed, be healthy, and care for our planet. This is why WANDA is so important.  


- Shaun Chavis

  LVNG Book




From mamas and nanas to sistas and aunties, WANDA represents the strength, resiliency, confidence, and compassion that Black women and girls embody.


As a collective of food sheroes, WANDA women are the culinary creators and cultural keepers of our communities and health.


We are a sisterhood of food sheroes from farm to health.

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