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The WANDA Academy is a safe sisterhood of self-care and service. We are a community of women seeking to change ourselves, our families, and our communities through the power of food for the better. When we embark on this transformative journey together, we leave our comfort zones, shift our mindsets, and answer the call within all of us to be the change we wish to see.


We begin by exploring the food injustice in our communities and courage within ourselves to lead. We recognize for us to thrive in a healing environment that we must become the change we wish to see. We start at zero and arrive to become that food shero.  WANDA Academy cultivates the safe, fertile space for sowing a seed of sisterhood and nourishing you to grow.

"I'm excited about the WANDA course that   instills pride and dignity in our native foods  while building family bonds and promoting our collective heritage - it is a much-needed intervention."

            - WANDA Academy Participant

“ I am more focused on self-care and using food to heal. I cook more healthy meals and I am more conscious of what I put in my body.”

       - WANDA Academy Participant

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