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#IamWANDA Campaign: Meet Black Women in Food Leading Change in their Communities

For too long voices of Black women from Africa and the Diaspora have been hidden or minimized. That's why the #IamWANDA hashtag is used to amplify the voices, images to improve the representation in food system leadership.

In keeping with its mission, WANDA is uplifting the intergenerational voices of Black women in the Diaspora leading in their communities to unlock the power of food. Hear their stories and share to inspire another food shero in the making because representation matters.

"Black women are not monolithic," says Tambra Stevenson, founder of WANDA, "We were intentional to have representation from across the food sector, African diaspora and generations. When we look at the numbers in the field of agriculture and dietetics, they are already low. And those in the executive leadership roles, even lower."

In the #IamWANDA campaign, you can hear from lawyers, academics, entrepreneurs, caterers, dietitians, and nonprofit leaders leading in the food system locally and globally to name a few who also hold another title as mama, auntie, nana, and sister. The theory at WANDA is if we don't like the current food system, perhaps we need new set of leaders to guide the future of food.

We encourage more to use the #IamWANDA hashtag and tag WANDA (@iamwandaorg) on social media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram) to retweet, share and repost to show more representation in the food system.

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