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Sisterhood Supper Challenge Begins in February

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Kicking off Black History Month with the a pilot initiative in Ward 7 and 8 to cook for change

In America, kitchens have represented sites of resiliency and trauma for Black women particularly in the plantation era. With the launch of the Sisterhood Supper Challenge, we are reclaiming these spaces as sites of transformative healing and resistance. Building upon the kitchen spoons of food sheroes like Georgia Gilmore, Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, and everyday food sheroes, we are reclaiming the hidden power of food and sisterhood one kitchen table at a time. Like food, sisterhood is our medicine and our power. Let's reclaim it!

Like the North Star that Harriet followed, we are shifting our minds and meals towards freedom while building a movement of women as food organizers and advocates starting in our backyard of District of Columbia's Ward 7 and 8.

From iconic kitchen scenes from "Soul Food" to historical matriarchal societies, women cooperated, co-created and connected to make a way out of no way. We need deeper meaningful relationships to heal the soul of our meals and ourselves. That's why we welcome you to the table for a Sisterhood Supper.

By reaffirming the value of sisterhood, we are encouraging women to connect in a deeply meaningful way to make the change we want to see in ourselves and our community. By returning to our roots and reclaiming our foodways, we can restore our sisterhood, neighborhoods, and make a positive impact in the Ward 7 and 8 communities.

Food is power and our recipes hold the key to resist and heal. That’s why we are launching a new initiative, the WANDA Sisterhood Supper Challenge to recruit women from the Ward 7 and 8 communities to host meals in their homes, to transform your kitchen tables into sites of social change, and spark conversations to heal ourselves, communities and our local food system.

Recipes and our stories can be roadmaps to freedom and health like the underground railroad. We are collecting remixed recipes and food stories for the Sisterhood Community Cookbook.

Will you be the (host) conductor to food and freedom?

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